Company profiling services

Company Profiling Services

Corporate penetration at it's best! Use our pin-point data driven targeted B2B profiles

Our partnership with various media houses, record-keeping authorities, global regulators and on-site correspondents. We collate intricate, real-time corporate information which in turn allows users to customize this valuable company data to form comprehensive reports for sales teams, marketing professionals and decision-makers.

Our Core Intelligence enable users to

Identify prospect segments based on value

Understand real-time market demands and trends

Analyze competitor weaknesses and strengths

Syncing the management, sales, and marketing teams with relevant knowledge

Fulfill MRoI targets, and more!

How does it Work?

A revolutionary approach in the industry, the intelligent profiling system takes list of companies from the user and auto-matches it with our core company databases. Matches are noted, and collected information is transformed into smart, intuitive reports in line with the user’s objectives. Reports are customized according to Marketing Objectives, Sales Objectives, and Decision Objectives. End-results are configured into the format chosen by the user.