Email verification and validation

Email verification and validation

Drastically decrease email bounce rates, improve email deliverability and with utmost importance, protect your sender reputation.

What happens if you've scheduled an email campaign for weeks, worked day in and day out for the same with chosen subject lines and do an A/B test. When the D-Day arrives you roll out your campaign but you see more than 40% of your emails in the junk folder.

Upon investigating, you retriew that most of your email addresses either do not exist or are not updated. What went wrong?

More than 25% of your data decays every year.

If your bounce rate is more than 10%, you run a high risk in email deliverability

Even with 1% of bad data, your list can reduce in deliverability by over 10%

The above stat clearly indicates the importance of Email verification and Validation. If you ignore it would lead to increase in bounce rates, negative reputation and eventually having a reputation of a bad sender.

Here’s how you can resolve this with our email verification and validation process:

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We ensure to correct typos, syntax, domain and other errors to improve deliverability and reduce bounce rates.

We eliminate all existing duplicates and delete inactive records in your database to protect your email sender reputation and improve email marketing ROI.